Our approach


Our principles :

  • Simplicity and pragmatism
  • Continuous improvement integrated into the management tools
  • Lean Management applied on the field

Running of a project with A2BM

Usually our projects are divided into 2 major phases:

  • The pre-study (Diagnostic) is performed on fixed price basis:
    In order to determine the scope of the mission and to quantify the goals that we will commit to.
  • The implementation phase consists of 4 steps:
    Design and validation of the new organization systems
    º Either based on our own tools
    º Or based on the tools already in place in the company

    Implementing our tools
    º The tools that we implement can be easily plugged into existing architecturess

    Staff training and delivering the targeted results
    º After the implementation of the tools, we accompany our customers until the goals are reached

    Progressive phasing out and reaching our customer's autonomy
    º Our objective is to introduce a continuous improvement logic at the heart of our customer's processes.